So we all know by now that Ming Xi fell at the Victoria Secret show. Falling over in an event like VS is something no one will ever forget. 

But what happened there inspired me a lot.  Ming falling to Gizele's huge humanitarian act had so many life lessons and I dare crown them the best moments of the show.



Here is what happened 

Ming fell; Gizele stopped, helped her up and waited for Ming to hit her end of run way pose.

First the falling: You can fall, how you stand up is what makes a difference. Ming went down smiling and come up smiling. Like the champ that she is . She kept on and finished her race.

If you understand about Victoria Secret then you know what it would mean to fall in that show.

Her attitude is all that made her the hero of the night by suppressing all the negative thoughts from the crowd.

Apply what happened in your life. The falling, the raising and walking forward without thinking of what people will say or do. 


Most of the time it doesn't matter what they say. What matters is how you raise up and finish the race.

The Champ

Your attitude will determine your position in whatever you did and failed. Where you went wrong and what you didn't do as it is supposed to be done.

You can choose to be a champ or a failure. You can choose to condemn yourself or focus on cleaning the mess that comes with whatever bad that happened.


Cleaning and the right attitude is what will make the difference. Yes people will remember that you fell but raising up and finishing a race is what will make a difference. The choice is yours.

The Angel of Mercy

Gizele's simple gesture should never been undermined. She didn't just stop and help but she gave Ming her moment to shine.

She did a humanitarian act that a majority would not do. That is the moment others will think of outshining you.

The tendency that the majority has, ruining others especially when they are helpless.

We are now talking of the two acts. It would have been different if she fell and Gizele passed her by to keep up with the show. But hey, she stopped.

This is the real Angel and when they give you a helping hand you hold onto it, be grateful for the help they give. 

I dare say they are few especially when it comes to competition or who did better than the other.

Congrats to this two champs of the night who gave me a lifetime lesson.Fall, raise and keep walking. Help even with the little you have. It means the world to help the ones who need help.

You have never lived until you help a person in need with a cheerful heart.