Gone are the days when a photographer was just a photographer without categorizations like fashion photographer or event photographer; As gone are the days when you could just eat Mihogo at Coco Beach without parking tariffs- and the list is endless. Things change… life as well as living, is evolving.

My point being, things have changed and unless we change too, and keep up; we shall always be stuck in a dome of challenges- plenty to complain about every day!

We recently complain a lot instead of adjusting and adopting!

We complain about our social interactions, food, love, weather, traffic jam, the Government coming short, burdening taxes and the tough life in general.

Take a minute and ask yourself “What can I do?” There are challenges everywhere and every day. Question is- does it help to complain?! How about we take a minute, retreat then figure out the serenity required to face the situations- what we can change, what we cannot change and how to adopt/ keep up/ survive.

This will help us build up positively from individual level, to family and the nation in general. Solutions to challenges are always derived from an individual initiative somewhere- that individual could be you.

What is that you keep complaining so much about? Halt, and then ask yourself what can be done to change things around. When you do so, you will train your mind into finding solutions to all the problems that surround us.

This behavior grooms positivity, even in knowing there’s hardly anything you can do to lower taxes then at least to find a way of paying it happily. Facing challenges positively with an attitude of seeking solutions- seeing challenges as opportunities- helps us to change those situations and adjust.

A well trained mind is vital, it helps the soul not only accepting situations but also change for the better.

Complaining only brew negative energies such as rage, hate etc. When they mature they bare evil. A good, productive soul needs endless and tireless nurturing of positivity within us, a daily exercise to sharpen our minds, hearts and souls towards positive thinking and solution seeking.

There are loads of advantages to a mind that is always into seeking solutions to problems and/ seeking adjustment to situations- including releasing stress and tension.

We could all find a purpose when we start moving, take a leap of faith and step forward; we tend to complain in a stuck situation without knowing that seeking solution to it might need/ require your initiative. Seeking solutions to problems leads to either total or partial eradication/ elimination of those problems.

Otherwise for those which cannot be solved, probably we might come up with ways to adapt. Both ways, the results would be mentally, emotionally and physically relaxing.

When you relax then there is a broader chance for happiness to be born within. In life we all enjoy and love to be happy, above all, choosing to be happy is healthy. But one thing is for certain; you cannot be happy and complain at the same time.

Build a habit of looking at challenges as opportunities for new resolutions… and while you’re at it, treat yourself good- relax, have fun and nurture your soul with positive thinking as you completely eradicate and/ do away with complaining. All the best and live happy!