Inspirational look from Farida a Tanzanian hijabista who is also  known as  Queen of Abaya.
Tik Tok Fashion believes in staha. Quran calls for women to cover their body but it shouldn't be boring or off fashion.

You just need to know what to wear to keep up with fashion and at the same time please your Allah for the good of your faith.

Let us tell you why we like this look and we think it is a must style color combo. 
The ginger orange pleated skirt that combined with animal print pump is eye catching, a color combo you won't miss.

A touch that is soft and clean. Although all the colors are cool, there is a pop that's needed. Making it a must style color combo. We are settling for the total look and it is classy too.

The hijabista opted for black to complete the look. She tucked in a long sleeve shirt that was matched with a belt and handbag.

She was keen with details and made sure all the colors collocate. The ivory head scarf was wrapped in style.

This hijabista is definitely your fashion inspiration, if not of this look go through her page and get inspired.


What to wear with your Animal prints shoes


Style dark hues, neutrals or cool colors with leopard prints. Black, brown, or just like what our fashionista have styled. You will be matching directly with brown and black pattern on the prints.

Animal prints shoes are perfect for denim on denim they will give a look a pop it deserve.

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Pop colors
Red always looks perfect when styled with any animal printed shoes. Instead of adding another print to your outfit the best option would be to add a strong solid like red, orange, lime green or any color of your choice.

Matching the prints

Get the shoes in size 37 at Tik Tok Fashion Store. Instagram, @tiktokfashion

If your goal is to match a handbag or a pair of shoes in Leopard prints. Make sure the prints are of similar patterns. You can cross and mix the patterns for dramatic effect only if you must.

Go update your wardrobe with a pair, a blouse or anything you like in animal prints.