"My dear, do you know what is in fashion right now" A friend asked.


 I sighed looking puzzled for I had no answer at the moment and in my opinion her question was too narrow.


"Earthy colors"she chirmed while clapping her palms. "Those calm colors are what is in fashion". She added.


If it was the first time I hear her saying that, then I would probably let it pass. But my fashionista has been singing about this to the point I had to do something.


Its all about helping each other; learning is an ever ending process.

First of all what she said it was not pure right. The colors she is talking about are in trend and soon we will get a new pallete to deal with.


As we had Fall shades and now we have Spring/ Summer shades.

One should always know what is durable so as to always stay stylish. As I always say its not easy to keep up with trends and it can get expensive for no reason but knowing what to buy can help you to stay stylish and in fashion. You get my point?


An example is this chain strap bag from 3 years ago. It was in my possession and once she saw it she made her point. The reason why I bought that bag despite of it being affordable was its style.


The chain strap was in trend and I knew despite the current color trend the bag will be useful for a long time.



You need a pop of color. In every season once a while despite the seasonal color. U can take advantage and give the seasonal pop of color. Heey! Nothing will go wrong with that. Just stay in fashion.